Cultural Shock

_Cultural Shock

an class="excerpt_part">Cultural-Shock is a cross-media edutainment project targeting young audiences and giving voice to a new generation of digital storytellers: it explores the issue of world citizenship and cultural diversity>


an class="excerpt_part">Created by Anishinaabe artist Lisa Jackson, Biidaaban: First Light is a work of Indigenous futurism that explores how Indigenous languages can provide a framework for understanding the user’s place>
Motto: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Vincent Morisset’s latest adventure

_Motto: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Vincent Morisset’s latest adventure

an class="excerpt_part"> is created, because the program reveals itself as attentive and caring, considerate and curious*]}*—in a word: generous. It addresses us as users directly, invites us to carry out>


an class="excerpt_part"> TikTok and Instagram Stories—a non-linear 2,000-page mystery that’s expressed in a dazzling array of anonymous, amateur video clips, growing larger every day. Motto is an original collaboration between AATOAA,>


an class="excerpt_part">...Furci, Hypha is a project that educates people about the growth process and medicinal properties of the hypha in an effort to promote more research and awareness about its>
AI Platforms for Interactive Storytellers

_AI Platforms for Interactive Storytellers

an class="excerpt_part">...understanding of the subject and make it much more accessible. ML4A is an initiative by Gene Kogan, an artist and a programmer who collaborates with numerous open-source software projects.>
Algorithmic Perfumery

_Algorithmic Perfumery

an class="excerpt_part">...participants can interact with an app in which they answer a questionnaire and connect their social media data in a way that includes them in the production process. In>
Climate Witness Project

_Climate Witness Project

an class="excerpt_part">...and impacting forests in northern Norway. The collection of stories are produced in the arctic and sub-arctic regions of Scandinavia, a region that is experiencing around a 20-degree Celsius>
This is Climate Change

_This is Climate Change

an class="excerpt_part">...climate change, and gives viewers a direct look at how humans are affecting the planet. Produced by Participant Media and Condition One, and featured on Within, these films aim>
Only Expansion

_Only Expansion

an class="excerpt_part">Only Expansion is an immersive audio experience in which participants walk through a physical site with sounds overlaid. With their pair of headphones and a guidebook, participants are invited>
Flowers & a Switchblade

_Flowers & a Switchblade

an class="excerpt_part">...interactions are recorded, constructed, and presented by digital devices. Following themes of his previous video collage work, Nic Koller explores the integration of the analog and digital in everyday>
Aftermath VR: Euromaidan

_Aftermath VR: Euromaidan

an class="excerpt_part">...both in Ukraine and internationally. The Beta version of After VR: Euromaidan has been launched in Kyiv’s Planeta Kino in Ukraine, and is available at Planeta VR and VR>
Las rutas del oro

_Las rutas del oro

an class="excerpt_part"> Through testimonies of illegal minors, researchers, and authorities, the documentary shows how illegal gold trade is carried out in one of the most biodiverse areas of the world,>
To Call a Horse a Deer

_To Call a Horse a Deer

an class="excerpt_part"> the Chinese classical text Shiji (The Records of Grand Historians) in which an ambitious Qin politician tries to identify adversaries and silence dissent by colluding others to confuse>