_Elaine McMillion Sheldon

Elaine McMillion Sheldon is a documentary maker and media artist. In 2013, she released HOLLOW, an interactive documentary that examines…

_Liza Faktor

Liza Faktor is a visual documentary producer and curator. She is the co-founder of Screen, a company producing and distributing visual documentary…

_MIT Open Documentary Lab

Drawing on MIT’s legacy of media innovation and its deep commitment to open and accessible information, the MIT Open Documentary Lab brings…

_Sandra Gaudenzi

Sandra Gaudenzi started her career as a television producer, then moved into interactive television, and has been teaching interactive media…

_Lina Srivastava

Lina Srivastava is a strategist who works in narrative design, social innovation, and digital storytelling for human rights and international…

_Patricia Aufderheide

Patricia Aufderheide is University Professor in the School of Communication at American University and founder-director of the Center for…

_Hugues Sweeney

After several years of molding words as well as ideas by studying philosophy, literature, and Death Metal, Hugues Sweeney became interested…

_Arnau Gifreu

Arnau Gifreu is a lecturer, researcher, and director in the audiovisual and multimedia field.

_Chris Dymond

Chris Dymond is a digital producer and innovation specialist who straddles the worlds of tech and media.

_Florian Thalhofer

Asked for a playlist, I revisited quite a few projects. These are the ones I connected to most, some of them because they are very well…

_Shirin Anlen

Shirin Anlen is an interactive creator and experience designer working at the intersection of technology, exploratory arts and social fabrics.

_The MIT Game Lab

The MIT Game Lab brings together scholars, creators, and technologists to teach, conduct research, and develop new approaches for applied…

_Jessica Clark

AIR Media Strategist

_Cédric Mal

Cédric Mal is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, book publisher, and founder of the website Le Blog documentaire.

_Sue Ding

Sue Ding is a documentary filmmaker, media consultant, and MIT Open Documentary Lab researcher.