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_4 Ríos

4 Ríos is a multi-platform transmedia project that tells the stories of the armed conflict in Colombia.

2014 Elder Manuel Tobar Panchoaga
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4 Ríos proposes art, technology and interaction as elements that can contribute to generate new perspectives for the understanding of the historical memory of the armed conflict in Colombia.

Elder Manuel Tobar Panchoaga, Author, to Docubase

4 Ríos is a project that tells the stories of the armed conflict in Colombia using various media, technologies, and platforms to reflect on the consequences of this violence in the country. Components of the project include an interactive online comic, an experimental 360° film, an interactive exhibition using augmented reality, and a pop-up book using augmented reality. The 4 Ríos project narrates the stories and events about the armed conflict in Colombia using artistic, social, technological approaches that offers immersive experiences to the visitors of the project.

The project argues that the process of building memory is essential for reconciliation and peace in the country. Additionally, the documentary materials in the project (including photographs, text, videos, testimonies, and more) used in conjunction with technological tools seek to generate other ways to relate to recent Colombian history. 4 Ríos proposes novel ways to retrieve memories, construct spaces for exchange, debate and rescue the memories that were believed to be lost.

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Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,ES
Country : Colombia
Year : 2014
Author : Elder Manuel Tobar Panchoaga
Producer : Orgánica Digital
Team : Andres Aldana (Motion Graphics),David Pinzón (Original Music),Diego Fernando Sánchez (Storyboard),Elder Manuel Tobar (Director and Executive Producer),Jhina Hernandez (Producer 4 Ríos Bojayá),Jose Alejandro Cardona (Ilustrations 4 Ríos Bojaya),Pablo Ernesto Tobar (General Investigator),Ricardo José Arjona (Story & Storyboard),Sabrina Rodriguez (paper engineer),Yack Reyes (General Producer 4 Ríos Naya)
Developers : Andie Hernández,David Peña Lopera,Juan Diego Rodríguez,Juan José Murillo,Nelson Velasco,Pablo Arias
Designers : Adriana Sánchez Aguilar,Karlos Velasquez,Pavel Molano,Sabrina Rodriguez,Santiago Murillo,Tita Florez Pardo
Exhibition Venues : Chiledoc Conecta (Ch),Festival I Love Transmedia,Ventana Sur (Argentina)
Awards & Nominations : Crea Digital (Colombia),Ventana Sur (Arg)
Budget Range : US $20.000 (In-kind),US $35.700 (spend)
Funders AND Incubators : Animaedro,Art France,Cinemateca de Bogotá,Festival Ventana Sur,Fundación Chasquis,Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia,Ministerio de Tecnologías de Colombia,Universidad Javeriana
Url :
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