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_African Space Makers

African Space Makers is an interactive 360 VR experience on creative cities and urban space made in Nairobi, Kenya.

2020 TheNrbBus Collective,Vincenzo Cavallo Faras
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“This is a Pan-African format and a platform to talk about urban rights in a post-colonial context and to address the issue of space-making using a psycogeographic approach.”

Vincenzo Cavallo Faras, Author, to Docubase

African Space Makers is an interactive 360 VR experience on creative cities and urban space made in Nairobi, Kenya. The story is about space making–the capacity to transform an empty place into space where people can share, communicate and eventually understand more about themselves and others. African cities are growing rapidly and it is within these cities that the African Space Makers–a new indigenous creative class–are using space in innovative ways in search of fame and recognition.

The journey starts in Nairobi, Kenya, a vibrant metropolis of Sub Saharan Africa. There is a double-decker ‘The Nrb Bus’ turned media hub that is being used to teach urban storytelling. The viewer is a student who’s mission is to discover five creative spaces through five artists/social-entrepreneurs/skaters.

At the start of the experience, the viewer chooses a gender and picks the order in which to visit these spaces. In each of them, the viewer is able to interact and make choices. The viewer can go to the biggest dumping site of Africa in search of objects and wild animals bones, paint trains and run from data police with graffiti artists,  challenge the religious fanatics, skate in liminal spaces and drink khat juice with trendy musicians before flying over CBD (Central Business District).

Preservation Wishes

“I love this format to become a videogame in the way videogames will work in the future, I have no idea what that would be but I think the key idea is to keep the psychogeograpgy approach alive.”

Vincenzo Cavallo Faras, Author, to Docubase

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,SW
Country : Kenya
Year : 2020
Author : TheNrbBus Collective,Vincenzo Cavallo Faras
Producer : Black Rhino VR,Cultural Video Production & TheNrbBus,INVR
Team : Bilal Hamisi,Brian Afande,Charles Muchirie,Isa Mohamed,Jessica Zippel,Philipp Wenning,Rekorder Studios Berlin,Shamina Rajab,Silvia Gioiello,Sonke Kirchhof
Developers : Black Rhino VR,INVR
Designers : TheNrbBus
Exhibition Venues : Stereopsia 2020,Venice Film Festival
Awards & Nominations : Best Direction Stereopsia Lumiere Awards 2020,XRMust Impact Award 2020
Funders AND Incubators : Culture At Work Africa,Goethe Institut Nairobi,Hivos,Venice Financial Gap 2019
Trailer :

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