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Ahorse is a journey through the history of human imagination.

2018 Wendela Scheltema
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“Ahorse is about how we developed into creatures that are hyped by VR.”

Wendela Scheltema, director, to Docubase

Ahorse is a VR installation that takes viewers through a history of consciousness, from  premodern times into a virtual future not unlike the cyberspace the viewer is inhabiting. Ahorse is both theoretical meditation and historical glimpse at the mediated matter that drives the development of human consciousness. From cave drawings to photography, Ahorse explores the different methods that humans have developed to express their imagination, leading up to the virtual realities of contemporary times.

Ahorse is a “playful cinematographic VR installation” that allows users to experience various phases of how material culture mediates perception. Taking the horse as a central metaphor for mobility and change, Ahorse is a journey through different histories of perception. This installation is accompanied by a poetic essay by Edwin Gardner entitled “From One World to the Next – the Adventures of Consciousness.”

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : Netherlands
Year : 2018
Author : Wendela Scheltema
Producer : Wendela Scheltema
Team : Avinash Changa,Diede Bron,Leon van Oord
Developers : Aaron Fels
Designers : Atleire Roosje Klap
Topics : Arts and Culture,Consciousness,History,Media Studies,Philosophy
Technologies : Arduino,HTC Vive,RED,Unity
Techniques : 3D Animation,3D scanning,CGI,Cinema 4D,VFX
Exhibition Venues : Foto Festival Naarden,IDFA DocLab,Nantucket Film Festival,Netherlands Film Festival,SXSW
Budget Range : €100K
Trailer :

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