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_Algorithmic Perfumery

Algorithmic Perfumery is a multisensory installation that integrates machine learning, personal data, and generative perfume design to create individualized scents.

2019 Frederik Duerinck
EN,FR,NL Visit the project

I wanted to create an experience that allows people to connect with their inner core, through the use of ai generated custom perfume and challenge how the perfume industry works.

Frederik Duerinck, Director, to Docubase

Algorithmic Perfumery is a multi-sensory installation that integrates machine learning, personal social media data, and perfume design to generate an individualized scent. Premised on the question, “What if every human could have their own personal scent?,” this experience uses participant input to train the creative sensibilities of an AI system that adapts and learns from every exchange. In this experience, participants can interact with an app in which they answer a questionnaire and connect their social media data in a way that includes them in the production process. In this way, Algorithmic Perfumery challenges the perfume industry and offers an alternative in which participants co-create with the algorithmic process for new results.

Featured at IDFA DocLab in 2018, Algorithmic Perfumery interrogates how user-inputed data and algorithms work together to produce sensory documentary media. Algorithmic Perfumery is also a company that offers its unique perfumes as an actual product, with the aim to transform the future of perfumery by placing the consumer at the center of the creation process.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,FR,NL
Country : Netherlands
Year : 2019
Author : Frederik Duerinck
Producer : Duerinck Productions,Scentronix
Developers : Dominggus Salempessy,Mark Meeuwenoord,Nathaniel Akkermans,Rodey Seijkens,Vincent Soffers,Wietse Neven
Designers : Frederik Duerinck
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