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Bloodless is a 12-minute VR film that deals with camp town sex workers for the US army stationed in South Korea since the 1950s.

2017 Gina Kim
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“In 1992, I protested the failure to bring justice to the murder of a sex worker by a US military personnel stationed in South Korea. 25 years later, I created Bloodless to transform this silenced history into a sensory experience of empathy as a witness of women who fell between the laws of two countries.”

Gina Kim, Author, to Docubase

Bloodless is a 12-minute VR film that deals with camp town sex workers for the US army stationed in South Korea since the 1950s. The film traces the last living moments of a real-life sex worker who was brutally murdered by a US soldier at the Dongducheon Camptown in South Korea in 1992. Portraying the last hours of her life in the camp town, the VR film transposes a historical and political issue into a personal and concrete experience. This film was shot on location where the crime took place, bringing to light ongoing experiences at the 96 camp towns near or around the US military bases.

Preservation Wishes

“Most tragedies in this world are caused by the profound sense of apathy. I’d like Bloodless to be remembered for creating a space for empathy without the exploitation typical of narrative cinema.”

Gina Kim, Author, to Docubase

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,KO
Country : South Korea,United States
Year : 2017
Author : Gina Kim
Producer : Crayon Film,Gina Kim,Jiyoung Kang,Seonah Kim
Team : Boryeong Kim,Eunsuk Jo,Gina Kim,Hyunseung Kim,Jiyoung Kang,Sam Jeon,Seonah Kim
Developers : Crayon Film,Gina Kim,Venta VR
Designers : Gina Kim,Venta VR
Exhibition Venues : Adelaide Film Festival,Amsterdam Documentary,Astra Film Festival,Busan International Film Festival,Cannes,Dubai International Film Festival,Filmteractive,Geneva International Film Festival,Kaohsiung,Locarno,LucidWeb,Milan Film Festival,Movies That Matter,Newchatel,One World,Sao Paolo International Film Festival,Seoul Women’s,Sitges,Sofia,Tel Aviv,Thessaloniki Film Festival,True False,Valladolid,Venice Film Festival,VR Days,We Are One,Winterthur
Awards & Nominations : Best VR Film Award: Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2017,Best VR Story Award: Venice International Film Festival 2017,Digital Dozen: Breakthroughs in Storytelling Award- Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab,Santa Lucía Award for Best Virtual Reality Short Film: Bogotá Short Film Festival 2017
Budget Range : $10000 (spent),$70000 (in-kind post-production)
Funders AND Incubators : Dankook University Graduate School of Cinematic Content BK21 Plus Team,Institute of Dankook Global Visual Content,UCLA Asian American Study Center,UCLA Center for Korean Studies,UCLA Center for Study of Women,UCLA Korea,Venta VR
Trailer :

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