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_Climate Crimes

Climate Crimes uses immersive 360° fulldome video to examine the complex and cyclical interconnections between aerosol pollutants, global warming and human migration.

2018 Adrian Lahoud,Michaela French
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There is a strange sympathy between the atmospheric particles that float through the sky and the human beings who migrate across the ground and then across the sea. Each body sets the other into motion: the particle bodies flow from north to south; the human bodies move from south to north.

Adrian Lahoud, Co-Director, to V&A Museum

Climate Crimes is an immersive fulldome video installation that explores the interconnectedness of climate-based issues ranging from air pollution to migration. Climate Crimes draws on architect Adrian Lahoud’s research paper ‘Floating Bodies’ (2014) and positions the audience at the centre of an environmental narrative that spans microscopic, local and global scales. Narrated by Lahoud himself, this piece illustrates how atmospheric particles originating from wealthy nations of the global north – such as Europe, USA, and China – impact the global south, causing desertification and migration.

This piece uses atmospheric data gathered by satellites to measure the cause and effect of pollution, tracing its path and its destruction of the Earth’s climate system. Climate Crimes make explicit the connection between air pollution and ecological issues such as drought, flood, and wildfire. By zooming in and out from micro-scales at the particle level to the very large scales of climate change, this piece weaves global data into narrative, unraveling the human stories of those caught in between.

Climate Crimes uses digital video projections onto a large dome, and invites visitors to lay down to experience the piece. By enclosing the visitor into the dome and by incorporating the physical dome environment into the narrative, Climate Crimes uses immersion as a technique to build an embodied connection with the environment. By translating scientific data visualizations from pure information into an evocative personal experience, this piece invites a new kind of urgency for planetary consciousness and social responsibility.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United Kingdom
Year : 2018
Author : Adrian Lahoud,Michaela French
Producer : Adrian Lahoud,Michaela French
Team : Adrian Lahoud,Max Crow,Michaela French,Mike Wyeld
Developers : Adrian Lahoud,Kamil Dalkir,Michaela French
Designers : Michaela French,Mike Wyeld
Exhibition Venues : "The Future Starts Here Exhibition" Ark Des: Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design,"The Future Starts Here Exhibition" Victoria & Albert Museum,DTLA Film Festival,Fulldome Festival Zeiss Planetarium,IDFA DocLab
Awards & Nominations : Winner Best Short Film - 13th Fulldome Festival Zeiss Planetarium
Budget Range : €47500
Funders AND Incubators : Fulldome Research Group UK,NSC Creative UK,Royal College of Art,Victoria & Albert Museum
Trailer :



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