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_Climate Witness Project

The Climate Witness project uses the power of storytelling for audiences to witness the impact climate change is already having to our lives.

2019 Andy Opel
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“These eyewitness testimonies of changes in the natural world, occurring over the course of just one lifetime, will provide powerful accounts that help illustrate the more abstract issue of climate change. Then, we’ll include hard data that confirms the larger pattern of how our climate is changing.”

Andy Open, director, to Florida State University News

The Climate Witness Project uses the power of storytelling, immersive media, and first-person observation to bear witness to the impact that climate change is already having on our lives. A collaborative project between faculty and students at the University of Bergen, led by professor Andy Opel, this initiative employs students with communication tools to create a collection of stories in a variety of media forms. The project employs both traditional documentary video as well as innovative media forms such as 360° videos, virtual reality, and touchscreen projects.

The Climate Witness project primarily tells the stories of those who work in outdoor professions such as farmers, fishermen, glacier tour guides, and train line workers, and also those of scientists and everyday citizens. Stories range from the tragic disappearance of the Arctic Char, a fish that relies on cold fresh water, to how warmer weather is changing the migration of birch moths and impacting forests in northern Norway. The collection of stories are produced in the arctic and sub-arctic regions of Scandinavia, a region that is experiencing around a 20-degree Celsius increase in temperature.

Built from the philosophy of the human rights organization Witness (, The Climate Witness project provides the tools for students to document the impact of humanity’s crimes against the climate.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : Norway
Year : 2019
Author : Andy Opel
Producer : University of Bergen
Funders AND Incubators : Florida State University,Fulbright Scholarship
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