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_First Impressions

First Impressions explores the cognitive developments an infant experiences during their first six months of life.

2018 Francesca Panetta,Nicole Jackson
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“First Impressions is a beautiful portrayal of the first six months of life and gives viewers a real insight into a period of crucial development which we have all experienced but aren’t able to recall. It’s another example of the Guardian’s innovative storytelling through VR, using this technology as a tool to bring new experiences to life for viewers.”

Francesca Panetta, executive editor, to Docubase

First Impressions is a VR experience that allows viewers to see the world from the point of view of a baby. First Impressions immerses viewers in the dramatic visual developments that happen upon birth, such as the transition from seeing only muted colors to deeper tones of reds, greens, yellows, then blues. As the viewer slowly recognizes the room, the objects and family within the room become increasingly clear as changes in depth perception fall into place. Guided by the voice of a narrator and Charles Nelson PhD, professor of pediatrics at Harvard, First Impressions blends research in cognitive development into a 360 experience that represents the perception of a child. In a scene in which the viewer is left in an empty room, this piece also explores the importance of social interaction in the early neural development of a child. First Impressions unravels how a baby learns to socialize and connect with others during these critical moments of development, even though it is outside of conscious recollection later in life.

Created by the Guardian’s in-house VR team, First Impressions is one of a series of six virtual reality films launched on Daydream. This project also pairs with a podcast about what infant vision development can tell us about human cognition as well as an article about the Sussex Baby Lab.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United Kingdom
Year : 2018
Author : Francesca Panetta,Nicole Jackson
Producer : The Guardian
Developers : Andrew Mason,the Mill
Designers : The Guardian
Topics : Human Cognition,Journalism,Memory,Science
Technologies : 360 Video,Google Daydream,YouTube API
Techniques : Journalism,Transmedia,Virtual reality
Exhibition Venues : Brighton Digital Festival,CPH:DOX,Edinburgh Digital Entertainment Festival,Haifa International Film Festival,Open City Doc Fest,PHI Centre Virtual Reality Garden,Raindance Film Festival,Sheffield Doc/Fest
Awards & Nominations : Bronze Lovie for Virtual Reality,CICLOPE Film Festival Finalist for VR,Nominated for Sheffield Doc Festival - Alternate Realities Virtual Reality Award,People’s Lovie for Virtual Reality,Raindance Film Festival - Best Documentary VR Experience
Funders AND Incubators : Google
Trailer :

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