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_Flowers & a Switchblade

An everyday scene — a real-life conversation in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park — collaged together from hundreds of videos to form a fractured, hyper-stimulating, 360° cubist world.

2020 Nic Koller,Weston Morgan
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We’re organic people walking through the world, but there’s so much going on on our phones and on the internet that we have to check in on. So this piece mirrors that whole conversation, where we’re documenting two organic people having a very real conversation through the consumer-grade technology of iPhones, and then piecing it all back together in a very digital way in which the viewer is actually forced to interact with the fact that its digital. There’s no way to not notice that there’s something kind of crazy and surreal and different going on all around you.”

Nic Koller, Co-Director, to Docubase

Flowers & a Switchblade is a 360° video collage that captures a real-life conversation between two millennial women at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The two protagonists stand at a distance from each other and discuss topics ranging from immigration to the meaning of their tattoos. This piece is a video collage assembled from hundreds of videos captured by multiple iPhones and adapted in 360° VR space. By deconstructing an everyday moment into digital pieces, then reassembling it into a cohesive 360° video, Flowers & a Switchblade simulates the way human interactions are recorded, constructed, and presented by digital devices.

Following themes of his previous video collage work, Nic Koller explores the integration of the analog and digital in everyday life and how the ubiquity of devices like the iPhone contribute to the world created. Flowers & the Switchblade brings attention to the hyper-stimulated, over-exposed media space we live in today, and encourages viewers to reflect and find new approaches with how we interact with it.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2020
Author : Nic Koller,Weston Morgan
Producer : Nic Koller,Weston Morgan
Developers : Nic Koller,Weston Morgan
Exhibition Venues : Red Sea Film Festival,Sarasota Film Festival,Sundance
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