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Hypha brings the fungi kingdom and its philosophy for healing into an immersive journey.

2020 Natalia Cabrera
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Hypha seeks to generate both an aesthetic and educational narrative about the Fungi Kingdom using immersive and interactive VR technology. Thanks to the use of this virtual reality system, people will be able to understand and appreciate the Fungi Kingdom from a much closer and empathic perspective, as well as to understand other ways of existence, different from human beings, and their importance on Earth’s ecological balance.

Sebastián González, Co-Producer, to Docubase

Hypha is a 17-minute VR experience that takes participants through the life cycle of a mushroom. At the VR installation, participants are invited to take their shoes off and experience the piece with their bare feet on a soft, carpeted rug, as they embark on the virtual journey underneath forest beds and through outer space.

Hypha transitions between game-like mechanisms that prompt the user’s interaction with controllers as well as more free-flowing possibilities to how the body can relate to the different stages of the hypha. The unique assemblage of body interactions work to emphasize the particular emotions associated with the narrative, whether it’s playfulness, loneliness, hope, or contentment. The fluid association and dissociation from different embodied forms of the hypha (from the spore, mycelium, mycorrhiza, and mushroom, to a spirit) are narratively tied to the physical and emotional journey of the user.

Developed with fungi activist and scholar Giuliana Furci, Hypha is a project that educates people about the growth process and medicinal properties of the hypha in an effort to promote more research and awareness about its ecological significance.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,ES
Country : Chile
Year : 2020
Author : Natalia Cabrera
Producer : Maltrato Films,Museo del Hongo
Team : Daniel Maraboli,Diego Aguilar,Juan Ferrer,Margarita Talep,Nicolás Oyarce,Paola G. Olea,Piedad Aguilar,Richard Lapham,Sebastian Gonzalez,Studio Sinestesia,Trinidad Piriz
Developers : Brillo Team
Designers : Javier Garay,Rosario Ureta
Topics : Climate Change,Environmentalism,Fungi Kingdom,Science
Technologies : HTC Vive
Techniques : 6DOF,Installation,Virtual reality
Exhibition Venues : CPH:DOX,Sundance,SXSW
Funders AND Incubators : British Council of Arts,Chile Creativo,Electric Dreams Latinoamerica London UK,Fungi Foundation,Museo del Hongo,Sundance Institute,Venice Film Festival Production Bridge
Url :
Trailer :

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