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Metamorphic explores the body as a vehicle of change, expression, and creation.

2020 Elie Zananiri,John Fitzgerald,Matthew Niederhauser,Wesley Allsbrook
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When we started this piece, our goal was to create a mechanic that might allow players to inhabit mutable, hypothetical bodies. Here, physical contact means that our worlds and forms will change from moment to moment. We will wonder who we are, if our world is all it seems, and if we’re really alone.

Wesley Allsbrook, co-director, to Docubase

Metamorphic is a social VR experience in which the participant’s body is the primary vehicle of the narrative. The way the user interacts with the environment and the emotions and meanings it produces takes a central role of the VR experience. Placed within a beautifully animated world, participants’ virtual bodies are gradually built with brush strokes, in tandem with the environment. As the participant both explores and creates the world around them, they also learn of a second participant in the experience with them. In this way, users learn not only about the nature of self by redefining their relationship to their bodies, but also explores how to interact with others from within a VR experience. Metamorphic challenges the notion of documentary by placing the user in the center of finding and creating a story.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2020
Author : Elie Zananiri,John Fitzgerald,Matthew Niederhauser,Wesley Allsbrook
Producer : Sensorium
Team : Grant Ng,Jimmy Gass,La-Râ Hinckeldeyn,Michael Dunkley,Nick Couret-Chailoux,Rakib Sharkar,Sebastian Herscher,Tim Fain,Todd Bryant
Developers : Elie Zananiri,Siyuan Qiu
Designers : Wesley Allsbrook
Topics : Arts and Culture,Embodiment,World Building
Technologies : Houdini,Parallux,Quill,Unity
Techniques : Animation,interactive,Social VR,Virtual reality
Exhibition Venues : Sundance
Funders AND Incubators : 368,Kaleidoscope DevLab,Oculus,RLab,Sensorium
Trailer :

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