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Non-Face is a digital, topological drama that questions our preconceptions of what’s inside and outside.

2019 Lucas Gutierrez,Robert Lippok
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“In the case of Non-Face, the data-giving entity withdraws into the flexible constellation between computer program, geometric and acoustic idea, rendering error, artist, audience, and projection.“

Natalie P. Koerner, Curatorial Consultant, to Docubase

Non-Face is an immersive artwork about malleable digital forms and their constructed audio worlds. To view this work, users enter under a large, dome-shaped screen. Composed of abstract digital objects that ripple and contort in shape, Non-Face takes users under a dome of colorful animated shapes that ooze in and around each other like lava or thick honey. With soundscapes created by Robert Lippok and video art by Lucas Gutierrez, Non-Face requires viewers to constantly readjust their perception of the ever-shifting audiovisual content. Lippok and Gutierrez design the motions in the video together with the spatial audio, creating an audio topography that plays with how sound reverberates. In this way, Non-Face builds virtual worlds that simulate an impossible space, playing with the viewers’ perceptions of reality.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : Germany
Year : 2019
Author : Lucas Gutierrez,Robert Lippok
Producer : Berliner Festspiele,Planetarium Hamburg
Team : Anil Eraslan,Elif Dimli,Lucas Gutierrez,Natalie Keppler,Robert Lippok
Topics : Digital Technology,Music,Spatial Audio
Technologies : 360 Video,Ableton,DigiStar,Logic,MNTN,Unity,VIOSO
Techniques : 3D,CGI,Full Dome,Immersive,Spatial Audio
Exhibition Venues : Dive In Festival,Festival Winter Wonders,Mira Festival
Funders AND Incubators : Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media
Trailer :

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