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_This is Climate Change

This is Climate Change is a four-part series that gives us a direct 360° look at how humans are affecting multiple ecosystems on our planet.

2018 Danfung Dennis,Eric Strauss
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“The screen melts away, and you’re in these worlds, you’re in these environments. And you feel it in a very different way. Your body reacts to it as if you’re actually there. And so it can leave a really indelible mark on your memory and psyche of… ‘I remember being there,’ instead of just, ‘I watched a film.'”

Danfung Dennis and Eric Strauss, directors, to Engadget

This is Climate Change is a four-part series of short 360° VR films titled Fire, Famine, Feast, and Melting Ice. Each of these short films covers a different aspect of climate change, and gives viewers a direct look at how humans are affecting the planet. Produced by Participant Media and Condition One, and featured on Within, these films aim to bring an immersive look into climate change to a broader audience.

Fire is about the scorching California wildfires of 2017. In Fire, viewers follow firefighters in their helicopters and on the ground in their battles against these catastrophic blazes. Fire brings attention to the fact that changes in the climate have doubled the amount of land burned by wildfires in the western United States. Famine takes viewers to a once fertile village in Somalia where its inhabitants are enduring a severe drought. Today, the land is an arid desert causing displacement and putting people’s survival at risk. Feast takes viewers on a bird’s-eye view of the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil facing threats of deforestation. Despite its immense ecological value, massive trees are cleared to make way for cattle ranchers. Finally, Melting Ice concludes the series with images of icebergs in Greenland melting into the ocean. Narrated by former vice president Al Gore, this piece shows the monumental effects of global warming taking form in collapsing glaciers.


Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2018
Author : Danfung Dennis,Eric Strauss
Producer : Catherine Yrisarri,Diane El-Osta
Team : Christian Serge Nelson,Ryan Miller
Developers : Jacob Martinez,Jay Brown,Kelsey Elias,Luis Artigas,Thanh Giang
distribution : Youtube
Funders AND Incubators : Condition One,Participant Media
Trailer :


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