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Conifer is a web archiving tool that storytellers can use to make and share walk throughs of their web-based projects.

Conifer is a web archiving tool. A storyteller who has created an interactive web experience might use Conifer to make a walk through of their project and record what it’s like to engage with their experience and then share the video “capture” which does not require special hardware to view. Conifer allows users to produce screen capture videos of someone stepping through and interacting with a website and also allows them to create and share collections of captures via its platform. Conifer is different from other web archiving tools because it allows users to make a custom capture of any website the user has access to, even those behind paywalls. By producing its own platform, Conifer also allows these captures to be seamlessly stored and shared with others. Conifer also focuses on “high-fidelity” captures that are able to reproduce videos, 3D graphics, and complex interactions that other capture services may not support.

Conifer is free to use up to 5GB of storage. Access to view public collections is free and unlimited. Conifer is run by the non-profit Rhizome which is dedicated to presenting and preserving digital art. It has received funding from The Mellon Foundation, The Knight Foundation, Google, and others.

Project at a Glance :

Company : Rhizome
Proprietary or Open-source : Proprietary
Types : Archive
Inputs : Website
Outputs : archived and organized content
Skill levels : No coding background necessary,No special skills required
Costs : Free basic version
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