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_Reality Composer

Reality Composer by Apple is an app for producing and prototyping AR experiences directly in AR without prior 3D experience. 

Reality Composer is an app by Apple that offers an intuitive interface for creating AR experiences. Reality Composer allows users to drag and drop virtual objects, assemble them directly into an AR scene, and animate them without requiring prior experience working with 3D assets. Reality Composer has a built-in AR library with ready-to-use assets, into which users can also import their own USDZ files. Virtual objects can be customized, whether they are resized, colored, or styled. Users can also add interactive animations and integrate spatial audio to create more immersive experiences in AR. Moreover, Reality Composer offers a function to record sensor and camera data in the actual location the AR experience is being built for, allowing users to iterate and build out AR experiences with recorded data without the need to physically move devices to a particular location.

Reality Composer is included with Xcode, Apple’s integrated software development environment for macOS, and also is a stand alone iOS app. Files created by Reality Composer can be integrated into apps using Xcode or exported into AR Quick Look. Reality Composer also offers live linking, meaning that project files can seamlessly move between Mac and iOS for a productive workflow. RealityKit is a high-level framework extension of Reality Composer that provides developers access to photorealistic rendering, transform and skeletal animations, spatial audio, and rigid body physics. Offering higher performance, RealityKit still shares the mission of Reality Composer to make AR development faster and more convenient for creators of varied technical skill levels.

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