VR for All

_VR for All

an class="excerpt_part">...partnership with LucidWeb, we are now able ong>toong> provide direct access ong>toong> the projects. Anyone with access ong>toong> a web browser ong>canong> see these videos ong>onong> an easily navigable platform....an>
African Space Makers

_African Space Makers

an class="excerpt_part">...Space Makers–a new ong>inong>digenous creative class–are using space ong>in inong>novative ways ong>inong> search of fame and recognitiong>on.ong> The journey starts ong>inong> Nairobi, Kenya, a vibrant metropolong>isong> of Sub Saharan Africa....an>
Birth in the 21st Century

_Birth in the 21st Century

an class="excerpt_part">Birth ong>inong> the 21st Century ong>isong> an ong>inong>teractive web documentary that lets the viewer ong>inong>side the delivery room of the state hospital of La Plana ong>(inong> Vila-real, Spaong>in)ong>, led by...an>
Cultural Shock

_Cultural Shock

an class="excerpt_part">Cultural-Shock ong>isong> a cross-media edutainment project targeting ong>youong>ng audiences and giving voice ong>toong> a new generationg>onong> of digital storytellers: it explores the ong>isong>sue of world citizenship and cultural diversity from...an>
Motto: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Vincent Morisset’s latest adventure

_Motto: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Vincent Morisset’s latest adventure

an class="excerpt_part">What ong>isong> Motong>to? Isong> it a film? A video game? An ong>inong>teractive book? A visual poem? A treasure hunt? A philosophical treatise? A work of fictiong>on?ong> A documentary? Contemporary art?...an>


an class="excerpt_part">...ong>toong> TikTok and ong>Inong>stagram Stories—a nong>on-ong>linear 2,000-page mystery that’s expressed ong>inong> a dazzling array of anonymous, amateur video clips, growing larger every day. Motong>to isong> an original collaborationg>onong> between AATOAA,...an>
AI Platforms for Interactive Storytellers

_AI Platforms for Interactive Storytellers

an class="excerpt_part">...users ong>toong> traong>inong> computers ong>to perong>form complex tasks and a great “ playground area ” for ong>inong>teractive learning about ong>howong> neural networks work, the emphasong>isong> here ong>is onong> the “kind...an>
Algorithmic Perfumery

_Algorithmic Perfumery

an class="excerpt_part">Algorithmic ong>Perong>fumery ong>isong> a multi-sensory ong>inong>stallationg>onong> that ong>inong>tegrates machine learning, ong>perong>sonal social media data, and ong>perong>fume design ong>toong> generate an ong>inong>dividualized scent. Premised ong>onong> the questiong>on,ong> “What if every human...an>


an class="excerpt_part">...documentary, ANIMALIA SUM ong>takeong>s a playful yet bittersweet ong>toong>ne ong>to takeong> viewers through the imaginative world of ong>inong>sects. Alongside seeing lively depictions of ong>inong>sect minds, viewers also learn of their...an>
Climate Witness Project

_Climate Witness Project

an class="excerpt_part">...and impacting forests ong>inong> northern Norway. The collectiong>onong> of stories are produced ong>inong> the arctic and sub-arctic regions of Scandinavia, a regiong>onong> that ong>isong> experiencing around a 20-degree Celsius ong>inong>crease...an>
This is Climate Change

_This is Climate Change

an class="excerpt_part">...climate change, and gives viewers a direct look at ong>howong> humans are affecting the ong>planeong>t. Produced by Participant Media and Conditiong>onong> One, and featured ong>onong> Withong>in,ong> these films aim ong>toong>...an>
Only Expansion

_Only Expansion

an class="excerpt_part">...ong>toong> build and release narrative tensiong>on. Inong> thong>isong> way, ong>inong> bringing the sounds of climate change ong>toong> an urban spaceong>,Onong>ly Expansiong>onong> evokes a sense of immediacy ong>toong> a future of...an>
The Waiting Room VR

_The Waiting Room VR

an class="excerpt_part">The Waiting Room VR ong>isong> an autobiographical portrait of Victoria Mapplebeck’s journey battling breast ong>canong>cer. Thong>isong> piece follows Mapplebeck’s experience from diagnosong>is toong> recovery, making visible the hidden aspects of...an>
Aftermath VR: Euromaidan

_Aftermath VR: Euromaidan

an class="excerpt_part">...both ong>inong> Ukraine and ong>inong>ternationally. The Beta versiong>onong> of After VR: Euromaidan has been launched ong>inong> Kyiv’s ong>Planeong>ta Kino ong>inong> Ukraine, and ong>isong> available at ong>Planeong>ta VR and VR World....an>