Blackout is a VR documentary project that offers a window into the thoughts of New York City subway passengers.


"Kūpuna" is Hawaiian for "elders," whose knowledge, insight, and experience are preserved in this interactive documentary.
Hip Hop Word Count

_Hip Hop Word Count

A database of the lyrics to more than 50,000 rap songs dating back to 1979, "Hip Hop Word Count" is a tool that's catalyzing beautiful data…
Immigrant Nation

_Immigrant Nation

Participatory web documentary "Immigrant Nation" traces the story of the United States’ rich history of immigration through personal narratives.


In the interactive documentary "Hollow," filmmaker Elaine McMillion Sheldon collaborates with the residents of McDowell County, West Virginia…


Interactive documentary "CLOUDS" transforms computer code -- usually invisible -- into a prime visual attraction.
Sonic Trace

_Sonic Trace

Participatory oral history project "Sonic Trace" focuses on immigrant communities in Los Angeles.
Question Bridge: Black Males

_Question Bridge: Black Males

"Question Bridge: Black Males" facilitates conversations within the African American male community across political, class, geographic,…
18 Days in Egypt

_18 Days in Egypt

"18 Days in Egypt" is a participatory crowdsourced documentary about the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.