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_18 Days in Egypt

“18 Days in Egypt” is a participatory crowdsourced documentary about the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.

2011 Jigar Mehta,Yasmin Elayat
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“The idea behind 18 Days in Egypt is to really re-envision the documentary of the future and to get the audience closer to the storytellers. In our case, the storytellers are the people that actually lived these experiences.”

Jigar Mehta, Co-Creator, in PBS POV Blog

In 2011, journalist Jigar Mehta and developer Yasmin Elayat collaborated on an online platform that captured the stories of the Egyptian Revolution as they happened. The pair saw history unfolding in the tweets, cell phone videos, and other media created by the people protesting in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and watching around the globe. Mehta and Elayat realized that Egypt was living through one of the first “real-time” revolutions of the digital era.

Their project developed into 18 Days in Egypt, a collaboratively created, crowdsourced documentary built on the interactive storytelling platform GroupStream. Anyone can become a contributor to 18 Days in Egypt by creating a stream — a collection of images, videos, or text — focusing on a particular topic. As site visitors jump from stream to stream, they engage with multiple perspectives on the revolution.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2011
Author : Jigar Mehta,Yasmin Elayat
Team : Emerge Technology,Hugo Soskin
Funders AND Incubators : Kickstarter,Sundance New Frontier Story Lab,Tribeca Film Institute New Media Fund
Url :
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