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Associacion de Victimas del Metro del Tre de Julio and Barret Films produced this transmedia project on the causes of the accident on the Valencian subway that occurred on July 3, 2006, which resulted in 43 ​​deaths and 47 injured.

2013 Alex Badia
CA,EN (subtitles),ES Visit the project

Is this going to stay like this? Nobody’s going to assume their accountability because nobody’s going to demand it? You have to be there.

Beatriz Garrote, Association of Metro Victims July 3rd.

On July 3rd 2006, one of the worst subway crashes in History took place in Valencia (Spain). 43 people died and 47 were injured. The case was quickly closed in parliament with the shortest inquiry committee in Spain’s history, and there was not even a trial.

43 + 47 = 0 accountable.

Seven years after the worst subway accident in Spanish history, the circumstances are still not clear. The train was traveling at 80 Km/h, twice the permitted speed, and nobody seems to take responsibility for this. This work is a commission of public inquiry, with no vetoes or manipulation, and contributes to the struggle of the victims for a true investigation into the causes of the accident. The project, with the support of the “Saved” program of the Sixth Channel, has managed to reopen the court case to charge those responsible for the accident.

Project at a Glance :

Language : CA,EN (subtitles),ES
Country : Spain
Year : 2013
Author : Alex Badia
Producer : Barret Films
Team : Andreu Signes,Dani Fabra,Vicent Ibáñez,Vicent Peris
Developers : Barret Films
Designers : Barret Films
Funders AND Incubators : Fundació Valencianista i Demócrata Josep Lluís Blasco
Url :
Trailer :


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