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_A Childhood Walk

A participatory trip down memory lane, Ze Frank’s “A Childhood Walk” explores the connections between location, technology, and memory.

2010 Ze Frank
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“If a memory of a moment comes to your mind, write it down. Take a screenshot of that place.”

Ze Frank, Author, in the Instructions of A Childhood Walk

Online performance artist and humorist Ze Frank routinely investigates the links between community, digital technology, and memory through participatory web projects. In Young Me/Now Me, Frank asked web visitors to recreate photographs from their childhood. For his 2010 project, A Childhood Walk, Frank challenged people to retrace childhood walks using Google Street View, recording their memories along the way. Participants emailed Frank screenshots of locations that sparked remembrances.

The 13 submissions that make up A Childhood Walk include anecdotes—humorous and poignant alike. Although the project is now closed, Frank invites site visitors to take their own childhood walks.

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  1. yup

    Beautiful. But hardly what you would call interactive.

    1. Doclab Post author

      Glad you like it. We include this project because it is participatory. We feature new forms of documentary storytelling in the digital age not just interactive projects.

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