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_A Father’s Lullaby

A Father’s Lullaby is a multi-platform, community engaged project highlighting the role of men in raising children and their absence due to the racial disparities of mass incarceration.

2017 Rashin Fahandej
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“Witnessing somebody else’s story deeply is a sacred place. You have to come to it, be giving, and be vulnerable yourself.”

Rashin Fahandej, Author, to WBUR


A Father’s Lullaby is a collaborative transmedia project that highlights the role of men in raising children and underlines the absence of fathers due to the racial disparities of mass incarceration and its direct impact on children, women, and lower-income communities. The project is composed of an ongoing series of interactive public installations, community-engaged tool-sharing workshops, and a participatory geolocated website. Intimate interviews, songs, and lullabies offer poetic meditations on the spaces of love and trauma, presence and absence, and the power of personal memories to interrogate the structural violence of mass incarceration.

Co-created with formerly incarcerated fathers, A Father’s Lullaby invites community members to become part of a growing movement by sharing lullabies and stories and giving a voice to the social challenge of mass incarceration. The project is centered on marginalized voices of absent fathers while inviting all men to participate by singing lullabies and sharing memories of childhood. The co-created space of love and of shared memories about childhood becomes a place to contemplate difficult issues our society is facing today.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2017
Author : Rashin Fahandej
Team : Afshin Fahandezh & Lizandro Segura (Videographer/Documentation),Jonathan Turner (Videographer),Krista Dragomer & Christian Gentry (Sound Composition),Nick Nerolien & Alex Ezorsky (Editor),Sarah Jenkins (Stop Motion Animation)
Developers : Anna Rempe (Software developer),Anthony Montuori (Interactive pressure sensor audio panel technology),Austin Ratcliff (Software developer),Brennan Pilcher (Software developer),Filip Baba (Volumetric Post Production),Halsey Burgund (geolocated participatory website/Roundware),Hisham Bedri,Jillian Morrow (Volumetric Capture consultant),Marisa Hoenig (Developer & project anchor),Matthew DeGraffenreid (Software developer),Megan Goodling (Developer & project manager),Toru Nakanishi,Whelan Workmaster (Software developer),Xingyu Zou
Designers : Chuck Matzker (Web Design),Jeff Soyk (Web Creative Adviser),Kira Davies (Web user experience design)
Exhibition Venues : Boston Center for The Arts Public Installation,Institute of Contemporary Arts Boston 2019 Foster Prize Biennial Exhibition
Awards & Nominations : Boston Artist-in-Residence with Mayor's Office of Art and Culture 2017,Boston Center for The Arts Public Art in Residence 2018,Hubweek 2019,Institute of Contemporary Arts Boston James and Audrey Foster Prize 2019,Mass Cultural Council Artist Fellowship 2019,Thoughtworks Arts and Scatter VR Co. Artist Residence 2019,WBUR ARTery 25 Boston Artists Impacting Boston Arts And Culture 2019
Funders AND Incubators : Boston Center for the Arts,Emerson College,HUBweeks,Institute of Contemporary Arts Boston,Massachusetts Cultural Council,Mayor’s Office of Art and Culture Boston,Mayor’s Office of Returning Citizens,MIT Open Documentary Lab,Thoughtworks Arts and Scatter VR Co.,United States Federal Probation Office of Boston
Trailer :

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