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_After the Storm

After the Storm is an interactive documentary essay about the experience of living through a natural disaster.

2015 Andrew Beck Grace
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But, as we found out in the days after the storm, numbers, adjectives, even images only go so far in describing what it means to wake up to your world completely rearranged. After the Storm, written as a letter to future disaster survivors, is not so much about the how and why of the tornado, but about that central question all of us face after living through something traumatic. Namely, how do we make sense of it all?


Andrew Beck Grace, Author After the Storm.

Borrowing techniques from an essay film, this web documentary tells the personal story of the director’s experience surviving a tornado and attempting to make sense of the aftermath. With support from the John D. and Catharine T. MacArthur Foundation, the project brought together PBS documentary series Independent Lens, digital agency Helios Design Labs and the Washington Post.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2015
Author : Andrew Beck Grace
Producer : Helios Design Labs,Independent Lens
Team : Carly Palmour,Cathy R Fischer (ITVS/Independent Lens),Chris Izor,Drew Hoover,Heather Grieve (Helios Design Labs),Henry Busby,Jeff Byrd (Helios Design Labs),Lindsey Mullen (Helios Design Labs),Linn Groft,Matt Brushett (Helios Design Labs),Nick Corrao,Sally Jo Fifer (ITVS/Independent Lens)
Developers : Adrian Dávila-Zúñiga (Helios Design Labs),Daniel Sundy (Helios Design Labs),Iain Campbell (Helios Design Labs),Mike Robbins (Helios Design Labs)
Designers : Alex Wittholz,Felix Wittholz
Funders AND Incubators : CPB,ITVS
Trailer :

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