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ANIMALIA SUM, (lat.): “I am animals, I eat animals,” is a duality explored in this VR film.

2019 Bianca Kennedy,The Swan Collective
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By using VR we’re able to put the audience in the head of the insects. This way you’re forced into a different point of view about the “solution” to harvest proteins from bugs.

Bianca Kennedy, Director, to Docubase

ANIMALIA SUM is a short VR animated film that speculates a future in which insects become humanity’s main source of food. With a British narrator that imitates the classic nature documentary, ANIMALIA SUM takes a playful yet bittersweet tone to take viewers through the imaginative world of insects. Alongside seeing lively depictions of insect minds, viewers also learn of their medicinal and nutritional value for human consumption, from their high-quality proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. With painted watercolor animations and handcrafted miniatures, ANIMALIA SUM depicts grotesque and surreal images like gaping human mouths and overcrowded bug farms. At heart, ANIMALIA SUM takes a unique tone to approach the sensitive but pressing topic of the future of the human food supply, after natural disasters and scarcity of resources compromise the options that feel normal to us.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : Germany
Year : 2019
Author : Bianca Kennedy,The Swan Collective
Developers : Bianca Kennedy,The Swan Collective
Designers : Bianca Kennedy,The Swan Collective
Topics : Climate Change,Environmentalism,Evolution,Food Consumption,Speculative Future
Technologies : 360 Video,Adobe Premiere Pro,Agisoft Metashape,Cinema 4D,Motion Capture,Perception Neuron,Reality Capture,Unity
Techniques : Animation,Collage,Drawing,Motion Capture,Photogrammetry,Sculpture,Watercolor
Exhibition Venues : Munich Science & Fiction Festival,Munich Virtual Worlds,One World,Sundance,Toronto New Wave
Awards & Nominations : 1st Prize Toronto New Wave Festival
Budget Range : $4,000
Funders AND Incubators : Erwin und Gisela von Steiner-Stiftung Germany
Trailer :


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