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_AR Occupy Wall Street

AR Occupy Wall Street is “the world’s first global AR protest,” placing a layer of protest art over New York’s Financial District.

2011 Mark Skwarek
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Protesters were not allowed to protest at Wall Street […] Augments now blanket the entire financial district . Augmented reality gives protesters and the public a global voice.

Mark Skwarek, Author

When Occupy Wall Street activists were prevented from physically protesting onsite, artist Mark Skwarek created AR Occupy Wall Street. He asked people around the world to send in photos and videos of themselves holding protest signs, as well as geolocated 3D models and protest art. Using the Layar app, Skwarek added all of these into one master layer blanketing Wall Street, in which Charging Bull was caged, Chase Bank logos were added to police cruisers, and the New York Stock Exchange became an enormous slot machine. Skwarek also organized an “Augmented Reality Flashmob Protest” at the NYSE, in which people (cautiously) met onsite to view and participate in the virtual protest; by wearing specific markers on their heads, participants appeared in the AR layer masked as George Washington.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2011
Author : Mark Skwarek
Team : Diane Ludin,Elvira Kalviste,Geoffrey Alan Rhodes,John Cleater,John Craig Freeman,Patrick Lichty,Sander Veenhof,Sarah Schoemann,Scott Kildall,Tamiko Thiel,The 4 Gentlemen,The Secret Studio,Todd Margolis,Warren Armstrong,Will Pappenhiemer
Trailer :

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