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_Ay Mexico Lindo

Ay Mexico Lindo is a multimedia project that aims to bring greater understanding to the drug war that affects Mexico, which has so far led to more than 8,000 deaths.

2009 Gustavo Sierra
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The hardest part of going to war, is coming back.

Gustavo Sierra, interviewed in Argentinian daily Rio Negro

Gustavo Sierra and the multimedia team from El propose a trip through videos and infographics to build a complete picture of the problem of drug trafficking in Mexico.

The project is remarkable for its extensive use of resources, well documented information, and the ease of navigating and interacting. It uses audiovisual resources that play a well-structured role in this topic, generating interest about the disturbing problems of drug trafficking on Mexico’s border with the United States.

Project at a Glance :

Language : ES
Country : Argentina
Year : 2009
Author : Gustavo Sierra
Producer : Clarín Newspaper
Team : Alejandro Goldschtein,Damian Courteaux,Javier Elliot,Matías Rossi,Rodrigo Lacunza.
Developers : Gastón Santana,Natalia Zaragoci
Designers : Gastón Santana,Natalia Zaragoci
Awards & Nominations : Inter American Press Association - Journalistic Excellence Winner
Budget Range : ~ $10K
Funders AND Incubators : Clarín Newspaper,CMD - Clarín Group
Trailer :

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