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Borderland is an interactive documentary exploring the U.S.-Mexico border and the people who live and work there.

2014 Kainaz Amaria,Steve Inskeep
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We wanted to dive in with this series and hear individual stories. And every one of these stories was more complicated than anybody’s ideology that you hear about these issues. Real life is complicated. Border life is perhaps even more complicated.

Steve Inskeep, Executive Producer/Reporter, to NPR

Led by NPR, 2014 interactive documentary project “Borderland” follows public radio host Steve Inskeep as he travels along the U.S.-Mexico border and reports on what he found there. With national tension building at that time around the immigration debate, Borderland endeavors to illustrate—in multimedia vignettes that include audio soundscapes, narration, photography, maps, and short videos—the U.S.-Mexico border as a vital place on which people depend to live and work. While the concept of an interactive documentary told through different forms of media was not new in 2014, the production of Borderland involved new collaborations across institutions and generated new work flows between organizations and departments that did not previously exist.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2014
Author : Kainaz Amaria,Steve Inskeep
Producer : Center For Investigative Reporting,National Public Radio (NPR)
Team : Becky Lettenberger,Chris Groskopf,Claire O'Neill,Danny DeBelius,Jeremy Bowers,Kainaz Amaria,Matt Stiles,Michael Corey,Tia Ghose,Tyler Fisher
Developers : Wes Lindamood
Designers : Wes Lindamood
Url :
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