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_Celestial Motion

Inspired by the spectacular imagery of solar physics, Celestial Motion uses contemporary dance and motion capture technology to explore movement across human and astronomical scales.

2018 Anetta Jones,Shehani Fernando
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“I’m as excited by what dance has to bring to the burgeoning field of virtual reality as I am by the opportunity it presents for creating and experiencing new forms of dance performance.”

Alexander Whitley, choreographer, to International Arts Manager

Celestial Motion is a 360 VR experience inspired by dance and solar physics. The film places users in the midst of a celestial backdrop, where they can see dancers mimic the movement of the stars. The imagery of the performers can switch between computer-generated digital images and live-action video, exploring the human relationship with the virtual and the celestial.

This video was choreographed by Alexander Whitley and is an adaptation from his original stage performance, 8 Minutes. The live action element was shot at YouTube’s London-based studio, and the digital element saw the dancers wear motion capture suits and perform at Queen Mary University of London. The images of the sun and the stars were captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory, providing a realistic backdrop or the solar space.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United Kingdom
Year : 2018
Author : Anetta Jones,Shehani Fernando
Producer : The Guardian
Team : Alexander Whitley,Anetta Jones,Daniel Wohl,David Levene,Federico Fasce,Francesca Panetta,Luca Biada,Shehani Ferando
Developers : Federico Fasce,Luca Biada
Designers : Luca Biada
Exhibition Venues : European Film Festival in Nairobi,Hot Docs,Silbersalz Science Festival,XR Space of Espacio Telefónica
Funders AND Incubators : Google
Trailer :

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