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_Clouds Over Sidra

Clouds Over Sidra, the first film shot in virtual reality for the UN, is a VR experience designed to take viewers to the Za’atari camp in Jordan.

2015 Chris Milk,Gabo Arora
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“By concentrating on the story of one girl in the overwhelming context of the crisis in Syria and neighboring countries, we are able to tell a compelling story that is meaningful to viewers at a time when they are already focused on the broader issue in the news.”

Gabo Arora, Director, in

The Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan is home to over 80,000 Syrians fleeing war and violence, half of whom are children. Clouds Over Sidra is the story of a 12-year old girl, Sidra, who has lived in the camp for over a year. The film follows Sidra through a typical day in her life, where you will see her school, her home, the gym, and even the football field where she plays with the other children of the camp.

Clouds Over Sidra is an 8-minute virtual reality film created by Chris Milk and Gabo Arora and directed by Gabo Arora and Barry Pousman in partnership with the UN Millennium Campaign, UNICEF Jordan, and VRSE Hollywood production studios. It’s the first ever film shot in virtual reality for the UN, using the medium to generate greater empathy and new perspectives on people like Sidra, who live in conditions of great vulnerability. The film has a powerful capacity to allow anyone to see what life within a refugee camp looks like and the ability to inspire a message of hope among not only displaced Syrians, but also global citizens motivated to act.

The film is a recipient of the Interactive Award at the Sheffield International Doc/Fest. It was released on the VRSE application and iTunes and screened at the Sundance Film Festival, the Tribeca Film Festival, SXSW, the Museum of the Moving Image and countless UN forums and conferences.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : Jordan
Year : 2015
Author : Chris Milk,Gabo Arora
Producer : Barry Pousman,Christopher Fabien,Gabo Arora,Katherine Keating,Samantha Storr,Socrates Kakoulides
Developers : UN SDG Action Campaign,UNICEF Jordan,Vrse
Exhibition Venues : Sheffield Doc/Fest,Sundance,SXSW,Tribeca
Awards & Nominations : Sheffield Doc/Fest Best Interactive Award
Trailer :

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