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This VR film brings audiences into the world of indigenous elder Nyarri Morgan and the Martu tribe of Australia, exploring issues of environmental conservation and sustainability.

2015 Lynette Wallworth
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Your sense when you’re in the VR experience is you’re in Nyarri’s country. You’re invited there. You are welcomed and you understand for this brief period of time you’re fortunate enough to be present.

Lynette Wallworth, Author, in The Sydney Morning Herald

Nyarri Morgan first encountered the western world in the 1950s, when he witnessed a British atomic bomb test in the Western Australian Pilbara desert. In the 15-minute virtual reality film Collisions, Nyarri tells the story of his life as part of the indigenous Martu tribe, eventually building to an animated sequence illustrating the fateful atomic bombing that forever changed his life and worldview. The film offers viewers an immersive look at Nyarri and his family’s lives, while also highlighting Martu perspectives on human-environment interaction and conservation.

Director Lynette Wallworth collaborated with Jaunt VR on the film, as part of a Sundance New Frontier residency program. In 2016 Collisions was presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos and Sundance Film Festival in Park City. At both venues, synchronized screenings were organized in which VR headsets were synced to play the film at the same time and create a collective experience for audiences.

Preservation Wishes


Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,MPJ
Country : Australia
Year : 2015
Author : Lynette Wallworth
Producer : Cori Shepherd Stern,Jaunt VR,Nicole Newnham,​Diana Barrett,​Gigi Pritzker,​Sandy Herz
Team : Curtis Morgan,Karryn de Cinque,Liam Egan,Patrick Meegan,Tom Myers
Funders AND Incubators : Adelaide Film Festival,Australia Council for the Arts,Fledgling Fund,Ford Foundation,Jaunt Studios,Pritzker Foundation,Skoll Foundation,Sundance Institute
Trailer :

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