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_Condition ONE

The “Condition One” iPad video player invites a feeling of immersion by letting its audience control the camera’s view.

2010 Danfung Dennis
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“I wanted to use new technology to try to take the power of the image and the narrative film, and combine it with virtual reality.”

Danfung Dennis, CEO, to the MIT Open Documentary Lab

The Condition ONE iPad video player captures the entire human field of vision. As users swipe or move their tablet, the onscreen image follows, revealing 180° of video. Developed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker and war photographer Danfung Dennis in an effort to create a tool for immersive journalism, Condition ONE was pilot tested by photojournalist Patrick Chauvel, who used the app for segments filmed in conflict hotspots around the globe. Condition ONE viewers control the camera as Chauvel weathers gunfire in Libya or witnesses an arrest in New Orleans.

Danfung and his team designed Condition ONE to integrate into existing video production workflows. The app utilizes standard camera technology. With a low-cost lens attachment and everyday editing software, any filmmaker, journalist, or general user can create the 180° footage read by the Condition ONE player.

In addition to developing an iPhone version of the flagship iPad app, the Condition ONE team recently created an HTML5 web video player for their immersive video. Condition ONE technology also powers the documentary iPad apps Hidden Worlds: New York City and Popular Science Presents: Inside the Collider.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2010
Author : Danfung Dennis
Team : Casey Brown,Chris Wheeler,Jon Simpson,Peter Wilkins,Takaaki Okada
Exhibition Venues : IDFA DocLab,SXSW
Awards & Nominations : SXSW Mobile Accelerator Competition Winner
Budget Range : $2.35M
Funders AND Incubators : TechStars NY,Venture capital
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