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_Cromosoma Cinco

Directed by Maria Ripoll and Lisa Pram, this touching project tells the story of Andrea, a girl with the 5P syndrome or Cri du Chat, a weird condition which is characterized by having lost a small part of Chromosome 5.

2013 Lisa Pram,María Ripoll
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 When you lose a part of your 5th Chromosome. And finally your genetic cariotype. So graphic, so simple. Such a small piece that is missing.

Lisa Pram, Author of The 5th Chromosome, Andrea’s mother.


In Spain about 400 people suffer from the “Cri du chat syndrome”, an alteration in chromosome pair number 5 which causes mental retardation and is recognized by a peculiar, high-pitched cry similar to the mewing of a cat. When they knew their daughter’s weird condition, Andrea’s parents started an intensive search lasting more than a year to try to get an answer or diagnosis. Lisa Pram, Andrea’s mother, began to write the “Little Black Book2”, a journal that includes texts, photographs and drawings. Based on the intimate pieces that Lisa writes to her daughter, this work was the first Spanish TV multiscreen documentary production.

Project at a Glance :

Language : ES
Country : Spain
Year : 2013
Author : Lisa Pram,María Ripoll
Producer : Lab
Team : Andrés Luque (TVE),Berto Yáñez,Cahuenga Filmmakers,Joan Carles Martorell,Laia Ordóñez,María Yáñez,Permanent,Ricardo Villa (Lab
Developers : A Navalla Suíza
Designers : Álvaro Gómez,Oscar Otero
Funders AND Incubators : Lab
Trailer :


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