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_Defector: Escape from North Korea

By putting its audience in the place of a North Korean defector, interactive documentary “Defector: Escape from North Korea” creates a powerful sense of immersion.

2012 Ann Shin
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“You can only do so much in film, but in an interactive web doc, you place the user in the point of view of a defector–they see, hear, and experience what a defector goes through. It’s an incredibly powerful way of letting people understand experiences that are completely out of their realm.”

Ann Shin, Director, in Fast Co-Create

An online companion to a documentary of the same name, Defector: Escape from North Korea is a first-person narrative that takes its audience deep inside North Korea through the perspective of a female protagonist fighting to escape the country across its border with China. Audience members make choices as the defector, deciding who to trust as well as how and when to escape. Often, these choices have drastic consequences, demonstrating—in a visceral way—how difficult it is for defectors to escape.

The interactive site was designed by Canadian interactive firm Jam3. Immersive 360° motion graphics of various locations—a North Korean prison camp, a Pyongyang apartment building, the North Korea-Chinese border crossing—populate the site. Audiences can explore these environments and discover additional videos and stories, including clips smuggled out from inside North Korea.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : Canada
Year : 2012
Author : Ann Shin
Producer : Fathom Film Group
Team : Jam3,Psyop Animation
Funders AND Incubators : Bell Fund,Canada Media Fund,Canadian Media Production Association,CTS Television,Government of Canada,HotDocs,Ontario Media Development Corporation,Rogers Documentary Fund,Rogers Telefund,Shaw Media,Telefilm Canada,TVOntario
Url :
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