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_Defense d’afficher

Interactive documentary “Defense d’afficher” uses short films to introduce viewers to a global community of street artists.

2012 François Le Gall,Jeanne Thibord,Sidonie Garnier
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“The street art movement has grown up with the rise of the Internet, which has enabled street art to spread around the world. So we bet we could better reach our core audience via this medium.”

François Le Gall, Director, in the Submarine Channel

Interactive documentary Defense d’afficher (Post No Bills) explores an international community of street artists living and working in places as diverse as Long Island City in Queens, New York; Singapore; and Sao Paulo. The documentary is organized by city—covering eight in all. Each location includes a short film about a street artist and a map with additional information about local graffiti. Video transitions between cities propel the viewer to their next destination, capturing the excitement and motion of urban street art.

The documentary saves each viewer’s itinerary, so that he or she can return multiple times to explore the project. As a visitor watches each film, Defense d’afficher assembles a wall of clips, tracking the viewer’s progress and creating a personalized form of virtual street art.

Project at a Glance :

Language : FR
Country : France
Year : 2012
Author : François Le Gall,Jeanne Thibord,Sidonie Garnier
Producer : and Paris ile-de-france,Camera Talk,CNC,Dailymotion,France Televisions,La Maison du Directeur,Liberation,Nova 105.7 FM
Team : Jeanne Thibord,Sidonie Garnier
Topics : Arts and Culture,Urban Life
Technologies : Flash,Video
Techniques : Locative,Public Art,Video
Exhibition Venues : Conarte - Callegenera Festival de Expresiones Urbanas,Visa pour l’image de Perpignan
Awards & Nominations : France 24/RFI Web Documentary Award Winner,Prix Europa Interactive Award Nominee
Funders AND Incubators : CNC,Conseil régional de Franche-Comté
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