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_Door Into The Dark

Door in the Dark is an immersive, visceral experience that envelops participants in stories of physical and psychological disorientation.

2014 Amy Rose,May Abdalla
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Door into the Dark is an immersive documentary experience about what it means to be lost in an age of infinite information.

Amy Rose, Author.

In an increasingly interconnected world, becoming truly lost is a rare experience. The interactive installation Door Into the Dark allows participants to step into the stories of three people who have been lost in different ways. In the 40-minute sensory experience, guests are blindfolded, barefoot, and alone in a set with grass areas, a suspended bridge, and more. The only physical guide through the dark is a rope to hold on to and follow.

Locative technology triggers sounds, stories, and instructions at specific moments. A narrator addresses and guides the participant, and three characters describe their personal experiences of physical and psychological disorientation. John Hull describes how losing his sight changed his relationship with his other senses, David Riley tells the story of a near-death mountaineering incident, and Bryan Morrison explains how his habit of walking alone at night landed him in psychiatric care. The sensory attributes of the installation correspond with the narration, so participants are fully immersed in the stories they encounter.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United Kingdom
Year : 2014
Author : Amy Rose,May Abdalla
Producer : Anagram
Team : Caroline Williams,Dan Halahan,Hannah McMahon Major,Jonas Andreas Jensen
Developers : Tom Melamed
Designers : Aaron Robinson,Felicity Hickson,Tabitha Pope
Topics : Disorientation
Technologies : Audio,iBeacons,iOS,Mobile
Techniques : Audio,Immersive,Installation,Locative,Sensory
Exhibition Venues : Sheffield Doc/Fest,Tribeca
Awards & Nominations : Tribeca Storyscapes award 2015
Budget Range : $45000
Funders AND Incubators : Arts Council,Pervasive Media Studio,Sheffield DocFest,TriBeCa Film Institute,Watershed
Trailer :

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