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An autobiographical game about the decision to start hormone replacement therapy.

Anna Anthropy
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Not only does it aim to communicate the sense of vulnerability in one’s own body and the life challenges that seem to go hand in hand with the process, but it also illustrates some of the systemic prejudices and social behavior of others that create additional challenges. In that regard it’s Anthropy’s personal story, but it also has something to teach others.

Leigh Alexander

Dys4ia is an autobiographical Adobe Flash video game about the artist Anna Anthropy’s decision to start hormone replacement therapy. It is a journal of six months of her life told through abstract mini-games. Each mini-game deals with a different emotional stage of her hormone therapy, and conveys her frustrations and accomplishments through innovative game mechanics and lo-fi graphics.


Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Author : Anna Anthropy
Producer : Auntie Pixelante
Team : Liz Ryerson
Developers : Anna Anthropy
Designers : Anna Anthropy
Topics : Family,Health and Wellness,Love and relationships,Urban Life
Technologies : Flash
Techniques : Game
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