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_Ed Zed Omega

Blending reality and fiction, “Ed Zed Omega” is a cross-media experiment that tracks six young adults after they drop out of high school.

2012 Ken Eklund
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“We’ve given the young people we’ve hired so much power over their characters. We don’t want to make judgments. We don’t want to impose our point of view onto their reality.”

Ken Eklund, Director, in Wired

Part of the Association of Independents in Radio (AIR)’s Localore initiative, Ed Zed Omega explores the American education system through an experimental, docudrama-inspired approach. Branded as an “alternate reality game,” Ed Zed Omega features six fictional high-school dropouts who track their post-high school lives through real-life social media like Facebook and Tumblr. While the project was active, the Ed Zed Omega website became a platform for intergenerational community events and discussion.

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