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The Guardian’s “Firestorm” explores the frontiers of interactive journalism.

2013 Jon Henley
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“Those with publishing backgrounds tend to think of the layout of text and images and, more recently, interactivity, as core aspects of design. One of the things we realised soon after our reporting team arrived back from Tasmania was that, if the piece was to be atmospheric and transportative (which we hoped it would be), sound would play a big part.”

Jonathan Richards, Editor,  in The Guardian Developer Blog

The Guardian’s interactive magazine piece Firestorm explores the onslaught and aftermath of a devastating brush fire in Tasmania. The team took a now-iconic photograph of the Holmes family huddling under a jetty as a starting point. Firestorm follows the Holmeses through their fight to survive, combining video, interactive graphics, ambient sound, and magazine-style copy into an interactive experience unified by downward scrolling.

Like the New York Times interactive essay Snowfall, Firestorm received a great deal of positive attention both in and outside the field of journalism.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United Kingdom
Year : 2013
Author : Jon Henley
Producer : The Guardian
Team : Francesca Panetta,Jonathan Richards,Laurence Topham,Mustafa Khalili
Exhibition Venues : Sheffield Doc/Fest
Awards & Nominations : Sheffield Doc/Fest Innovation Award Nominee
Funders AND Incubators : The Guardian
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