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_Frankie, the Documentarian Robot

Frankie is a documentary robot that interviews people about their emotions, attempting to ‘learn’ what it means to be human.

2013 Eran Hadas,Gal Eshel,Maayan Sheleff
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We were curious how people might respond to a robotic documentary director, one that interviews them and films them with no bias based on his or her own identity and background. Frankie is basically a generator of a multi cultural archive of people responding to her attempt to learn how to be human. In a world of constant surveillance, we wanted to think for a change of the utopic potentials of automatic documentation. Watching the various interviewees is kind of like looking at humanity from the outside, as a single beautifully flawed entity, instead of thinking of the differences among us.

Maayan Sheleff, Author and Producer

Frankie is a documentary robot that interviews people about their emotions, attempting to ‘learn’ what it means to be human. It responds to emotions both with language and eye movements, creating computer-generated, emotion inspired videos.

Frankie  is made up of two cameras that serve as eyes, a cellphone that serves as a nose, and a television screen that serves as a mouth. Frankie speaks in English, with her camera “eyes” simulating facial expression and her television screen “mouth” simulating mouth movement. With well-exposed cameras, Frankie examines issues such as agency, control, and privacy, questioning how these things affect us in a world in which nearly every moment is documented and mediated.


Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : Israel
Year : 2013
Author : Eran Hadas,Gal Eshel,Maayan Sheleff
Producer : Maayan Sheleff
Team : Yair Reshef
Developers : Eran Hadas,Gal Eshel
Designers : Maayan Sheleff
Topics : Artificial Intelligence,Posthumanism,Privacy and Surveillance,Robotics
Technologies : 74LS241 tri-state buffer,Android,Arduino Nano,Dynamixel robotics motors,Google IOIO controller,Java
Techniques : Natural Language Processing,physical computing,Robotics,Text to Speech,Voice recognition
Exhibition Venues : Ars Electronica Festival,Art in Odd Places,Artport TeL Aviv,Paraflows Festival,Print Screen,Residency Unlimited NY,Science Gallery Dublin,State Berlin
Funders AND Incubators : Artport Tel Aviv,Artport Tel Aviv Residency Unlimited NY
Trailer :

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