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_Gallery of Lost Art

The “Gallery of Lost Art” used the Internet to create a digital exhibition of artworks that could never appear in the physical space of a museum.

2012 Jennifer Mundy
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“Museums normally tell stories through the objects they have in their collections. But this exhibition focuses on significant works that cannot be seen. It explores the potential of the digital realm to bring these lost artworks back to life.”

Jennifer Mundy, Curator, in E-Flux


Created by the curatorial staff at the Tate London and ISO Design, Gallery of Lost Art is a digital exhibition of artworks that have been lost, stolen, or destroyed. The online interface emulates a vast exhibition hall. Art is organized depending on how it was destroyed. Website visitors can move between these different stations, exploring art that has been “Erased,” “Missing,” or “Discarded,” for example. Commentary from Tate curators accompanies each artwork. Visitors from 153 countries went to the Gallery of Lost Art, expanding the reach of the Tate beyond its walls.

As a statement on the ephemerality of art, the Gallery of Lost Art was available online for a year, then pulled from the web, never to return. Information about the exhibition and supplementary essays written by Tate curators are available at its former web address.

The Gallery of Lost Art exemplifies the growing field of online museum exhibitions, which also includes projects such as the George Washington Letters, the National Archives’ Digital Vaults, and MoMA’s online companion to their Century of the Child exhibition.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United Kingdom
Year : 2012
Author : Jennifer Mundy
Producer : Tate Modern in partnership with Channel 4
Team : Fiontán Moran,ISO Design,Jane Burton,ScreenMedia
Developers : Jon Carlos,Larchlann Rattray
Topics : Arts and Culture,Europe,Theft
Technologies : Flash,Photography,Video
Techniques : text
Exhibition Venues : IDFA DocLab
Awards & Nominations : Design Week Awards,Museums and the Web,Museums Heritage Awards,SXSW Interactive Award Winner,Webby Award Honoree
Url :
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