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_Goa Hippy Tribe

Integrating with an active Facebook group, “Goa Hippy Tribe” captures the stories of a community past and present.

2011 Darius Devas
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“The project has this direct link to Facebook; having a page for people to easily connect allowed for a lot of magic to happen and stories to be shared…It was an incredible experience to watch it grow.”

Darius Devas, Director, in Emaho Magazine

In the 1960s and 1970s, the beachside city of Goa, India drew young wanderers from all over the world. These hippies formed a self-described “tribe” unified by common interests in spirituality, music, drugs, parties, and free love. Reaching its height in the early 1970s, the Goa hippy community dispersed as the decade went on. Thirty years later, many of the Goa hippies reconnected through the online social networking platform Facebook. In 2010, their virtual reunion led to a physical one on the shores of Goa. Australian director Darius Devas—the son of two Goa hippies—travelled to India to capture the reunion on film. Devas originally posted his videos to Facebook, and they quickly surged in popularity. With the support of Australian broadcaster SBS and production company Freehand TV, Devas repackaged his short videos as the interactive documentary Goa Hippy Tribe.

In addition to featuring videos, photographs, graphics, and other multimedia content, the Goa Hippy Tribe website integrates with Facebook—its original home—featuring commentary and stories from users all over the world.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : Australia
Year : 2011
Author : Darius Devas
Producer : Freehand TV,SBS
Team : Paul Rudd,SBS Online
Exhibition Venues : IDFA DocLab
Awards & Nominations : SXSW Interactive Award Winner,Webby Award Honoree
Funders AND Incubators : SBS,Screen Australia,ScreenNSW
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  1. manu dhala

    Was in anjuna and it was farout in775 to 80’s.full moon parties and people from all over. It was heaven in earth.

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