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_Havana/Miami: Times are Changing

Interactive documentary “Havana/Miami” examines life on both sides of the US-Cuba border by exploring the lives of 12 individuals in Havana and Miami.

2010 Alex Szalat,Joël Ronez
DE,EN,ES,FR Visit the project

“This is our first experience of multimedia distribution, funded by two units—documentary and web.”

Catherine Kammermann, in Sunny Side of the Doc

A co-production of Arte and Radio Television Suisse, the web documentary Havana/Miami was created as a follow-up to 2008’s Gaza/Sderot, which follows the lives of citizens in neighboring Israeli and Palestinian cities. Havana/Miami seeks to bridge the US-Cuba divide by following the residents of Havana and Miami. Like Gaza/Sderot, the interface juxtaposes a story from Miami, Florida with one from Havana, Cuba, following the lives of 12 citizens on both sides of the border over a period of three months. Web visitors can explore the stories of Havana/Miami through a timeline, or sorted by topic or characters. In addition, the web documentary Havana/Miami was broadcast as an hour-long program on Arte and Radio Television Suisse.


Project at a Glance :

Language : DE,EN,ES,FR
Country : France
Year : 2010
Author : Alex Szalat,Joël Ronez
Producer : Arte in collaboration with Radio Television Suisse. Co-produced by Allegria and Tamouz Media,in association with the Knight Center for International Media at the University of Miami and Troqua Vision
Team : Alexandre Brachet,Ilan Ziv,Sanjeev Chatterjee,Serge Gordey,Upian
Budget Range : $540k
Funders AND Incubators : CNC
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