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_Hazardous Hospitals

Hazardous Hospitals is an interactive documentary about the risks patients encounter in the healthcare system.

2013 Marshall Allen,Olga Pierce,Tom Jennings
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We took what would have otherwise been an hour-long news show and instead made a three-minute video, with the opportunity to explore further with the interactive segments and copious footnotes. One can see the whole story in a glance, but closer examination reveals layers upon layers of finer detail.

Justin Falcone, Developer, in Source

ProPublica healthcare reporters Marshall Allen and Olga Pierce, along with PBS Frontline’s Tom Jennings and Sam Bailey collaborated on an interactive documentary, Hazardous Hospitals, about risks for patients in the healthcare system. Put together in four days in 2013 at a hackathon, it covered issues of quality of hospital care and patient harm. The story is told through video interviews, GIFs, text, questionnaires, and social media. Propublica reporters faciliate discussions with their patient harm facebook community. The group, which has about 2,500 members, is open, so all posts are publicly accessible to non-members as well. Journalists and patients regularly interact with each other in the group to discuss issues of patient care, which sometimes even generates story leads.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2013
Author : Marshall Allen,Olga Pierce,Tom Jennings
Producer : 2over10,Frontline,ProPublica,Sabrina Shankman
Team : Fola Akinola,Matthew McVickar,Michael Nieling,Sam Bailey,Sonja Bozic
Developers : Justin Falcone,Ocupop
Designers : Michael Nieling,Ocupop
Topics : Health and Wellness,Journalism
Technologies : Coffeescript,Compass,HTML5,Javascript,jQuery,Modernizr,Popcorn.js,RAF Polyfill,SASS,ScrollTo,Video
Techniques : Animation,Data Visualization,Interviews,Journalism,Social Media
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