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_Hear Here

Participatory radio project “Hear Here” maps the stories of the San Francisco Bay Area.

2013 Audrey Dilling
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“Public radio can be much more than it has been. We should be extending our ears to the public and not the other way around.”

Erica Mu, Producer, to

A “pop-up” radio project, Hear Here captures the stories of the greater Bay Area. Each month, Hear Here producers travel to a library in San Francisco or Oakland, set up recording equipment, and ask the local community to share their stories. Instead of asking particular questions, the Hear Here team has community members reflect on particular themes—such as “work,” “play,” and “home.” The recordings are geolocated on a map on the Hear Here website. Web visitors can participate in the project by adding their own stories to the map. Hear Here is part of the Association for Independents in Radio (AIR)’s Localore initiative.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2013
Author : Audrey Dilling
Producer : AIR,KALW
Team : Anne Huang,Erica Mu,Holly Kernan,N. Gaensler-Debs,Seth Samuel,Wendy Baker
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