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A VR documentary taking the viewer on a journey through the UK’s indefinite detention system.

2016 Darren Emerson
EN,Wendat Visit the project

“Virtual reality as a medium has qualities other mediums don’t have. Really, that’s about immersion; it’s about intimacy; it’s about agency within, interactivity and intensity as well. And within that experience, I think there is a genuine sort of exchange between the audience and the subject matter.”

Darren Emerson, director to East City Films

Indefinite is a VR documentary that takes the viewer on a journey through the UK’s immigration detention system. Immigration Removal Centers hold people that the British government is trying to deport, and keep them for an indefinite amount of time. In an effort to convey the immense psychological stress of this situation, Indefinite leverages the affordances of 360-video to immerse viewers into the various spaces in this system, from 20 foot prison walls to the back of police vans. Guided by the voice of survivors, this 15 minute experience couples images of the detention system with stories of the damaging effects it has on individuals.

Indefinite is presented by The New York Times Op-Docs and can be viewed either on a web browser or by using the NYT VR app on a mobile device. This experience is best paired with an article that details more information about the over 30,000 immigrants who are in detention centers in the U.K.



Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,Wendat
Country : United Kingdom
Year : 2016
Author : Darren Emerson
Producer : East City Films
Team : Andrew Yardley,Ashley Cowan,Conan Roberts,Darren Emerson,Jem Talbot,Jon Boyce
Developers : Conan Roberts,Darren Emerson
Designers : Darren Emerson,Jem Talbot
Exhibition Venues : Docville,Dubai International Film Festival,Festival Du Nouveau Cinéma,Geneva International Film Festival,Melbourne International Film Festival,Sheffield Doc/Fest
Awards & Nominations : docville,dubai international film festival,Festival du Nouveau Cinéma,geneva international film festival,melbourne international film festival,tous ecrans
Budget Range : $25K
Funders AND Incubators : Sheffield DocFest
Trailer :

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