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_Invisible Monument

Invisible Monument is a series of geolocated soundscapes that both document and invite continued engagement with protest movements.

2015 Halsey Burgund,Lara Baladi
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“Invisible Monument records and preserves protests around the world, creating onsite soundscapes documenting social movements.”

Lara Baladi and Halsey Burgund, Authors

Invisible Monument is an ongoing series of contributory audioscapes that record the world’s social uprisings. As a part of Lara Baladi’s ongoing project Vox Populi, the recordings are geolocated in spaces across the world where specific social movements started. The project is built on Roundware, Halsey Burgund’s contributory audio platform. By downloading the Invisible Monument app, anyone can experience and contribute to the project by sharing, reflecting, and voicing opinions on social movements and their aftermath. It is a way to remember and critically engage with the shaping and formation of the past and the future.

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