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_Invisible Picture Show

A powerful mix of animation and sound, this interactive documentary uses phone interviews with children trapped in border detention centers to shed light on the humanitarian issues embedded in immigration policy.

2013 Tim Travers Hawkins
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“I think it’s important to create an open-ended narrative that invites participation as a way to ‘resolve’ the story.”

Tim Hawkins, Author, on the i-Docs blog

On international borders around the globe, immigration detention centers sit as shadowy limbo states, where people illegally entering a country are held without knowledge of when they will be released or returned home. Most of them come seeking a better life—hoping to find work or to escape dangerous conflicts or humanitarian crises. Many of them are children.

The Invisible Picture Show is an interactive animated documentary piece that aims to shed light on the stories of child detainees. They are made invisible by the strict no-camera policies of secure detention facilities, so producers gained access to their stories through phone calls, which they recorded for the project to share with the world. As the opening title sequence states, “We can’t see them, but we can hear them.”

The interactive piece was produced as a part of the Global Campaign to End Child Immigration Detention, launched in 2012 at the United Nations Human Rights Council and founded by the International Detention Coalition. The Invisible Picture Show is a powerful tool for the campaign, opening up the hidden realities of these children and letting their voices be heard.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Year : 2013
Author : Tim Travers Hawkins
Producer : Andy Noble,Faction Films
Team : Alex Smith,Blinkin Lab,Cinema Lloobia,Duncan Brown,Laura Jean Sargent,Nandita Jain,Robert Sargent
Topics : Children,Immigration
Technologies : Audio
Techniques : Animation,Sound design
Exhibition Venues : IDFA DocLab,Sheffield Doc/Fest
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