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_Jerusalem, We Are Here

A virtual tour of Jerusalem guided by displaced Palestinians.

2016 Dorit Naaman
AR,EN,HE Visit the project

“The present dominates our sense of space, but the past is always enduring under the surface, even when it has been socially, politically and economically concealed.”

Dorit Naaman, Author

Jerusalem, We Are Here is an interactive web documentary that takes the audience on a virtual tour around the streets of Katamon neighborhood of Jerusalem. Narrated by Palestinian participants whose families were expelled from Katamon in 1948, these guided tours aim to collect and preserve the histories of the displaced and allow the former residents to remap and virtually reclaim their old neighborhood.

The experience is comprised of an interactive map annotated with text, audio and video. The user can choose one of the routes offered by three narrators and walk the streets of Katamon through a Google street view interface. In these guided tours, each stop introduces the user to a building or a public space, allowing them to explore the nostalgic stories and bitter memories attached to this space. This is a timely project that aims to preserve Palestinian collective memory of Jerusalem which is slowly fading away with each passing generation.


Project at a Glance :

Language : AR,EN,HE
Country : Canada,Israel,Palestine
Year : 2016
Author : Dorit Naaman
Producer : Dorit Naaman,Livia Alexander,Queen's University
Team : Anwar Ben Badis,Marina Parisinou,Mona Halaby
Developers : Helios Design Lab
Designers : Alex Wittholz,Daniel Sundy,Dorit Naaman,Mike Robbins
Exhibition Venues : Kingston Canadian Film Festival,RIDM - Montreal International Documentary Film Festival
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