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_Jeu d’influences

Have you ever faced a communication crisis? Jeu d’influences puts you right in front of it.

2014 Julien Goetz,Luc Hermann
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Have you ever faced a communication crisis? Jeu d’influences (Game of Influences) puts you right in front of it. You will become Louis Esmond, CEO of a French construction firm called Habinat. The company became a success story thanks to a new generation of concrete. But one night, Michael Saulat, the engineer who conceived this concrete, commited suicide. And the crisis began.

Does this suicide mean that there were unsuspected tensions that could darken Habinat’s storytelling ? Journalists are already investigating. And they’ll find. No matter what. It’s their job.

Crisis communications is not neutral or cold. It impacts human beings, sometimes some of your closest relations. But whether you like it or not, you’ll need to enter the game and, above all, you’ll need to make good choices. If there are any. It depends on what you want to preserve.

Project at a Glance :

Language : FR
Country : France
Year : 2014
Author : Julien Goetz,Luc Hermann
Producer : France Televisions,Premieres lignes television
Team : Annabelle Basurko,Anne-Lise Bouyer,Edouard Richard,Fano Loco,Florent Maurin,Julien Joubert,Luc Hermann,Marc Siemiatycki,Paul Joannon,Pierre Bellon,Pierre Romera,Sébastien Berteau,Thomas Guillembet
Topics : Conflict Resolution,Psychology,Suicide
Technologies : HTML5
Techniques : Audio,co-creation,Collaborative Storytelling,Game,Illustration,Participatory
Exhibition Venues : Liège Web Fest
Awards & Nominations : Mois Du WebDoc Courrier International and Multimedia Libraries Award,Social Media Awards
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